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Class is dunnnn til November! Now I actually have to hit the gym! And uh…. Lost all my gainsssss damn! Good thing is I get it back fast. Bad thing is… I lost all my dn gainz 😭 At least I have a starting point to work from. Playing with sumo deadlifts did warmup sets of 225lbs x 20, 315 x 10, failed 405, 315 x 10, finished with 225 x 20. A pyramid it usually play with. Now I’m gonna eat some pancakes and take this L😱 #common 🎧 #focussed #deadliftsforbeginners #reset #wheresmygainz


Happy 115th Birthday, Ernest Hemingway!

Author Ernest Hemingway enjoys a drink with other war correspondents on the island of Mont St. Michel, off northern France, in the summer of 1944.  Born on July 21, 1899, the author would have likely celebrated his 45th birthday a few weeks before this scene.

Excerpted from: D-Day to Germany, 1944

From the series: Motion Picture Films Relating to the Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) and Commemorative Visits After the War, compiled 1944 - 1969Collection LIEB: Jack Lieb Collection, 1944 - 1969

Taken by newsreel cameraman Jack Lieb, this color home movie was donated by the Lieb family to the National Archives in 1984. You’ll see D-Day from a perspective different than the official military film or commercial newsreel. With his personal footage, Lieb takes the viewer through the preparations in England, where he spent time with war correspondents Ernie PyleJack Thompson, and Larry LaSueur, to the liberation of Paris and finally into Germany. Along the way, Lieb captured his experience on 16mm Kodachrome, filming everyday people in France and the occasional celebrity, such as Edward G. Robinson or Ernest Hemingway. (Hemingway shows up around 26:45.)

Via The Unwritten Record » A Newsreel Cameraman’s View of D-Day


From the Odd Future wikipedia page:

Jasper Dolphin is a member of OFWGKTA, as well as a main cast member on the Adult Swim sketch-comedy series,Loiter Squad. His real name is Davon Wilson. His father, known as Dark Shark, can also be seen on the show, where he tells Jasper and the viewers what he did as a kid growing up. Jasper is an active skateboarder and he has known Tyler, the Creator for 6 years as one of Tyler’s best friends. Jasper has been known to smoke high quantities of weed.

shot Via the lumie doodie poodie

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